We shouldn’t assume that the best technical solutions will prevail: on “push” versus “pull” payments

I’ve just posted a new piece on the IBM “Insights on Business” platform discussing “push” and “pull” payments.  I point out how push payments, in general, would remove whole classes of threat from the retail payments landscape but that there are some real problems around adoption that may prove insurmountable.

Who will decide the future of retail payments?

Ultimately, we need to remember that consumers actually like their credit cards and most phone-based solutions today are clunky.  So some recent research from Denmark that studied how real people respond to different options is very enlightening.  It’s obvious that we should spend more time thinking about things from users’ perspectives, but difficult to do in reality!

5 thoughts on “We shouldn’t assume that the best technical solutions will prevail: on “push” versus “pull” payments

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  2. The link to your article on IBM’s website is broken. Can you update the link please?

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